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Austracana Educational Consult

Austracana Educational Consult is one of the leading Immigration and Overseas Education Consultants who focuses on client satisfaction, keeping in mind the quality and the aspects of a client. With a team of registered RMA (Registered Migration Agent) agents, we have continuously evolved from being what we were, to where we stand today

We at Austracana, with a team of expert counsellors, deeply understand the requirements of a client to whatever extent it could take, and highly trained instructors who are extremely passionate in providing services to Africans to fulfill their lifelong dreams of studying, working, visiting and leaving permanently in Canada, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Georgia & more., When it comes to visa, we analyse the complete profile of a client, take into consideration their accolades and compare it with the criteria that are been set by authorities, thus helping them with their visa. If a client wants to study, work and settle abroad, there has never been a better option than Auatracana.
Our Overseas Education Consultants provide you with the necessary information and stay along & guide you right from the beginning to the end of the process keeping you informed and helping you make the right decisions. With abundant reasons as to why you should be choosing us as your education consultants, the opportunity to get yourself assessed for free & obtain a free counselling from our education consultants has made us stand out among the abundant overseas education consultants in the industry.
Our website services give you the most up to date information about the region and our services. Please take a look through and contact one of our offices for more information or how to apply through us. Our services at all our events including university visits, Fairs, Roadshows, visa counselling are 100% FREE, so please come in and take advantage of this. The biggest hurdle in studying abroad is the high visa refusal rates in some countries and Austracana can proudly boast a 98% success rate!
We offer students a complete service including counselling, applications, getting speedy offers, applying for accommodation and most importantly the visa application. Getting in touch with us, will not only help you achieve your dreams but also will help you become a successful global graduate! Reach out to our education consultants now!